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Starter Kit

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Focus Foods products are best taken together for at least 2 weeks to see noticeable results: a sharper, fitter you.

Not only will you eat healthier, this line-up will save you a tremendous amount of time:

  • All products in the kit can be prepared and consumed in 2 minutes.
  • Not having to decide, buy groceries, or stepping out for one (if not two) meals a day not only saves you time but spares you the mental/focus capacity on more important things.

The 2-week pack consists of:

  • Lunch: 14x "Liquid Meal" in 4 bottles and 10 sachets. Choose from 350kcal or 500kcal.
  • Daily greens and phyto-nutrients supplement: 14x "Daily Greens"
  • Coffee replacement: 10x "Focus Fuel" (supply for the weekdays only!)
  • Mid-afternoon snack: 7x "The Perfect Snack" (supply for every other day - making room for your own snack of choice for the rest of the days)
  • (optional) Shaker bottle: 1x Blender Bottle Classic shaker bottle that first made it into the market over a decade ago and millions sold since and still is the best.