"Wellness Blends" - artisanal green tea + yerba mate blends

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Introducing "Wellness Blends", our artisanal blends of green tea, yerba mate, and more. Blended in Argentina. Discover why we call it "Wellness Blends" through a sip.

The Daybreak
Energizing, cleansing, refreshing.
Green tea, yerba mate, lemongrass, ginger, lemon zest, mint.

Take a sip to wash away the heavy sleeps. Breathe in the fresh, minted air of a new dawn as your toes gingerly root itself into the earth. Let the calming presence of lemongrass fields surround you. Drink it in and greet the sunrise with open arms.

The Garden
Healing, rejuvenating, rich in antioxidants.
​Green tea, yerba mate, rose hips, hisbiscus, calendula, orange zest, cinnamon.
There is a garden up in the mountains, hidden from view, where the bushes' slender arms bloom orange and pink with the blends of hibiscus and marigold. Take a bite out of the red rosehip berries, freshly plucked from the branches. Lay your picnic mat on the green grass, and soak in the scents of the earth.

The Tango
Calming, relaxing, promotes good sleep.
Green tea, yerba mate, chamomile, rosemary, honey.
Like the music of a tango: slow, strong, and sensual. Dance to the smooth notes of camomile, and let the fresh wildness of rosemary carry you into the sweet honeyed night. Close your eyes as your body relaxes into itself. Rest and feel the arms of a full moon evening carry you away.

Each jar contains 45g of loose tea leafs (15-22 servings)

Use 2-3g (1-2 teaspoons) per serving
Mix with hot water (250-400ml)
Leave to brew for 5-10 minutes