Breakfast for your kids that's ready in minutes and high in nutrition.

Never sacrifice your family's health for convenience ever again!


6 years and above

#SERVINGS in a bag

Ages 6-8 years

Ages 9-13 years

Ages 14 years and above




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If you have no time to feed your child properly, they may be:

1) at risk of obesity and diabetes or


2) building bad habits with food.

Is this what your child gets every morning?

White bread

Isn't sweet but is effectively white carbs (sugar) and curiously high in sodium

Fruit jams

Mostly sugar with little nutritional value


Single source of nutrition (corn) usually laced in high-fructose corn syrup

Choc malt drink

A popular "chocolate malt" drink that's loaded with, again, sugar

Because you've always been advertised that they provide"energy"

Which isn't exactly a lie because that's what sugar does. But:

  • Does your kid need that much "energy"?

  • By feeding your child sugar, they'll crave for more sugar.

    Later in adulthood, this has been shown to cause habits that begets chronic diseases.

  • Sugar is cheap and it hooks your child to a product.

    That's why it's a popular ingredient, but that doesn't make it good.

Perhaps you're rushing or you cannot observe what your child eats for breakfast in school

What about milk?

  • 90% of Asians are lactose-intolerant

  • Milk contains lactase, which is also technically sugar

Any wonder that childhood obesity and diabetes are increasing?

Plus risk of other chronic diseases in their future:
 - obesity
 - heart diseases

What if we can help? It's fast and your kid will love it and it fulfills nutritional needs

Introducing our plant-based


  • Nutritionally complete

    Balanced blend of complex carbs, protein and fat (omega-3) to resemble a proper meal. Fortified with a multi-vitamin and -mineral blend.
  • Full for hours

    Keeps your little one full for hours with a nutritional drink rather than empty calories and sugar.

  • Plant-based

    No more lactose-intolerant and bloating issues. Over 30 ingredients from plants, including fiber, prebiotics and greens.

  • Tasty

    Find a flavour that suits your fussy eater: chocolate, choc mint, bobba or unflavoured. All with no added sugar. Choose your options when adding to cart.

#SERVINGS in a bag

Ages 6-8 years

Ages 9-13 years

Ages 14 years and above




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What's in it?

Complex carbs

A blend of medium- and slow-release carbs from >20 natural sources for energy


Plant-based pea protein that's easy on the little one's stomach

Omega-3 fats

Sourced from flaxseed and MCT (the 'good' part of a coconut) to aid developmental needs

And more!

Prebiotics, greens, vitamins, minerals, etc

Important for brain development

Proper nutrition is also absolutely vital for your child's brain development, hence their wellbeing.

Improper nutrition may lower IQ scores, lead to learning disorders, and your child may even be at risk of ADHD.

Tasty variety for the fussy one

Each 800g bag (except unsweetened & unflavoured) comes with 10 flavour sachets:

  • Unflavoured & unsweetened: the most natural, does not come with flavour sachets.

  • Original chocolate: cocoa, stevia.

  • Choc mint: nature-identical flavouring*, cocoa, stevia.

  • Bobba: nature-identical flavouring*, stevia.

  • Variety pack: all of the above.

* Nature-identical flavouring: flavours synthesized to resemble compounds present in its natural counterpart. Example: nature-identical mint flavouring is a synthesized compound that is exactly the same as the compound in a mint leaf that gives out its aroma.

Your important questions, answered.

Is the product safe and clean?

Yes to both. The product is professionally manufactured in a GMP, Halal and MeSTI-certified facility, which means all ingredients used must also meet certain standards with proper documentation.

What age is this suitable for?

We recommend ages 6 and above.

Isn't whole foods better?

We advocate whole foods whenever possible but there's only so much we can advocate - we cannot turn a blind eye if parents cannot carry this through all the time. This product is made for such times when proper, fresh, whole foods cannot be prepared.

Also, our ingredients are mostly made from whole food sources.

What's in it, exactly?

Over 30 plant-based ingredients:
  • Pea protein: Non-dairy source of protein. Easily digestible and keeps you full.
  • Oats: Nutritious source of energy. High in fiber.
  • Multigrains mix: 23 types of grains ensures your little one gets energy from a wide array of natural sources.
  • MCT oil, flaxseed oil: Good fats that aid in the metabolism of fats. 
  • Wheat germ: More dietary fiber and plant-based protein.
  • Soy lecithin: Food for the brain.
  • Barley grass: Rich in nutrients and antioxidants to support your immune system.
  • Prebiotics: Food for probiotics which keeps the digestive tract health in check.
  • Multi-vitamin and -mineral blend: 18 vitamins and mineral

Is it halal?

All ingredients are certified halal. The final product itself is still undergoing an application to be halal-certified.

Is it safe for children with allergies?

While our products are free from peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk, fish, and shellfish, it is produced in a facility that may have traces of these. Contains: soy (soy lecithin), wheat (wheat germ). Do check against this list prior to making a decision.

Do you use any GMO ingredients?

None of the ingredients we use to make our foods contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

Fairly priced

Prices per serving on 10% discount from a subscription plan (cancel anytime)

Ages 6-8 years
Ages 9-13 years
Above 14 years

What parents say:

A better future starts with a decision today

#SERVINGS in a bag

Ages 6-8 years

Ages 9-13 years

Ages 14 years and above




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About Us

A Malaysia-grown brand since 2019, we're driven to solve eating problems like not having time to eat, not enough knowledge to choose and plan meals, not eating enough vege, etc.

No GMO. No fillers. No multi-level marketing.

We've since helped thousands to manage their diet, hence life, better. We want to help millions.