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"Upgraded Life" Basic Starter Kit

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Consider this a primer/boost for Intermittent Fasting (IF):

  • give your IF a boost with a smooth caffeine and antioxidant boost with Yerba Mate and
  • throw in some high-purity fats (C8 MCT from coconuts) as food for your body and brain without kicking your body away from fasting mode.

Replace your current breakfast with "Breakfast 2.0" for 2 weeks and you will:

  • see a flatter stomach,
  • enjoy cleaner, lighter energy,
  • have a sharper mind, and
  • save time: 2 minutes from preparation to consumption.

For best results: Take at least 12 hours after your last meal and at least 3 hours before your next. It's not that hard. Example:

  • Dinner at 8:30pm
  • "Breakfast 2.0" at 8:30am
  • Lunch at 12:30pm

For extra body and mind fuel: Take with butter or ghee. Hot water may be required.

This Basic Starter Kit consists of 14x Focus Foods "Breakfast 2.0"

"Breakfast 2.0"

If your current breakfast is non-existent or consists of mostly carbs (including oats, granola, etc.), we strongly advise you to think again: sugar spikes in the morning causes you to crave for sugar throughout the day. Not to mention insulin insensitivity, which causes alot more problems in the long run.

Enter "Breakfast 2.0", our twist to the famous Bulletproof Coffee. We combined Yerba Mate tea and C8-MCT oil in a convenient single-serve sachet. It'll kickstart your brain while teaching your body to burn fat as body and brain fuel.

  • Potent C8-MCT oil

    The most potent fat that teaches your body to use fat as energy.

  • 2-minute breakfast

    From preparation to consumption. Formula mixes well with cold water.

  • Kickstart your mind

    Yerba Mate tea gives you the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee. Stay mentally sharp throughout the day.

  • Partial Intermittent Fasting

    Stay sharper and see results faster than conventional intermittent fasting.

  • Antioxidants

    Yerba Mate tea helps defend your cells from damage.

    How should I take this?

    • Mix and stir in glass of water of any temperature.
    • For extra fuel for your body and brain, you may mix a tablespoon of either grass-fed cow's milk butter or ghee into a hot glass of "Breakfast 2.0".
    • It takes getting used to, but the results will make you want to!

    Why Yerba Mate?

    • For centuries, South Americans have been consuming Yerba Mate for its various benefits (see below).
    • Best of both worlds: the mental and physical boost from a coffee combined with the various benefits of drinking black and green tea.
    • Tim Ferriss (high profile author/entrepreneur/investor) is credited to making it popular in recent years by including Yerba Mate in his morning routine.
    • Benefits (see for citations):
      • Rich in antioxidants and nutrients.
      • Can boost energy and improve mental focus.
      • May enhance physical performance.
      • May protect against infections.
      • May help you lose weight and belly fat.
      • May boost your immune system.
      • Lowers blood sugar levels.
      • May lower your risk of heart disease.

    How much caffeine in each 3.5g serving?

    Approx 63mg