Easy Supergreens

Over 100,000 sold. Equivalent of 80g of supergreens in each sachet. For better digestion, skin, immunity and much more.


Tasty Supergreens

The bestselling Daily Supergreens, now tastier than ever. Naturally orange flavoured.


Plant-based Meal Replacement

Replaced over 100,000's of lousy meals and meals otherwise missed. For kids (6y+) and adults.


Super Roots & Mushrooms

Powered by nature. For cognitive health, mood, immunity and more. Featuring: lion's mane mushroom, chaga, ashwagandha, turkey tail mushroom, and more.

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We Make Easy Nutrition Hacks So You Can Focus On Life

  • 80% returning customers

    We help them build successful habits. Most choose to subscribe to our products.

  • Convenient

    Designed to be easy to use so people won't fail.

  • Clean, professional

    Professionally manufactured with quality assurance every batch.

  • Plant-based

    Most of our products are plant-based. It's good for you, the next generations and the environment.

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