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"Daily Greens 2.0" - 1-month pack

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Daily Greens 2.0 is finally here, with added moringa leaf and pegaga.

Only RM3.33 / SGD1.10 per day.

Why let people remind you about eating vege when you can do it yourself, much more conveniently?

Greens may help with:

  • boost immunity,
  • improving cholesterol levels,
  • improving blood sugar levels,
  • weight loss,
  • alleviating inflammation,
  • reduce risk of cancer,
  • promote skin health and elasticity,
  • promote bone health + many more.

Introducing "Daily Greens", a month's supply (30 daily sachets) of greens in powder form:

  • Spirulina
  • Organic wheatgrass
  • Barley grass
  • Organic alfalfa
  • Organic kale
  • Moringa leaf (new to version 2.0)
  • Pegaga (new to version 2.0)
  • Chlorella + nothing else

Simply add to any beverage, dishes or our Liquid Meal.

Per 8g sachet/serving: 41kcal, 3g protein, 4g carbs, near zero fats.

Halal. Packed in a GMP facility.

How should I have take it?

  • Mixed with water, on its own
  • Mixed with water, with condiments/flavouring of your choice (e.g. cocoa, honey, etc.)
  • Sprinkled to your food
  • Mixed with Liquid Meal

How does it taste?

Unflavoured, i.e. green but not overwhelmingly so. To add a bit of taste, we recommend putting honey. However, be mindful of honey's sugar content - natural sugar is still sugar!

When should I have it?

Whenever, really. Each serving has barely any calories.

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Nicole P.
Malaysia Malaysia
Helps With Exzema

Within 3 weeks of drinking the Daily Greens 2.0, the exzema on my face cleared. I'm so happy with the results and will continue drinking this daily.

Malaysia Malaysia
my fav! Finally started consuming veggies daily.

You can go wrong with this product. this ticks all the boxes for me as i find preparing veggies or cooking it very time consuming and it puts me off. Now with DG 2.0 it's simple as getting a sachet out and pour it over meal or shakes. Thank you for this. AM

Thilagawathi B.
Malaysia Malaysia
Glowing skin

I've tried the daily greens 2.0 for almost a month and I noticed my skin is effortlessly glowing. Thanks focus foods!

Julie N.
Malaysia Malaysia
Satisfied User

The taste of spirulina overwhelmed the rest, but that is to be expected. Usually drink it plain with nothing but water unless I am making a green juice where a sachet of this will be added into it. Already start seeing some positive effects on my skin after consuming it for close to 3 weeks. AM very satisfied.

Urshalyah T.
Malaysia Malaysia

Love how easy it is to consume veggies .