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Daily Greens 2.0 is finally here, with added moringa leaf and pegaga.

Only RM3.33 / SGD1.10 per day.

Why let people remind you about eating vege when you can do it yourself, much more conveniently?

Greens may help with:

  • boost immunity,
  • improving cholesterol levels,
  • improving blood sugar levels,
  • weight loss,
  • alleviating inflammation,
  • reduce risk of cancer,
  • promote skin health and elasticity,
  • promote bone health + many more.

Introducing "Daily Greens", a month's supply (30 daily sachets) of greens in powder form:

  • Spirulina
  • Organic wheatgrass
  • Barley grass
  • Organic alfalfa
  • Organic kale
  • Moringa leaf (new to version 2.0)
  • Pegaga (new to version 2.0)
  • Chlorella + nothing else

Simply add to any beverage, dishes or our Liquid Meal.

Per 8g sachet/serving: 41kcal, 3g protein, 4g carbs, near zero fats.

Halal. Packed in a GMP facility.

How should I have take it?

  • Mixed with water, on its own
  • Mixed with water, with condiments/flavouring of your choice (e.g. cocoa, honey, etc.)
  • Sprinkled to your food
  • Mixed with Liquid Meal

How does it taste?

Unflavoured, i.e. green but not overwhelmingly so. To add a bit of taste, we recommend putting honey. However, be mindful of honey's sugar content - natural sugar is still sugar!

When should I have it?

Whenever, really. Each serving has barely any calories.

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Harry K.
Malaysia Malaysia

Your shipping is taking too long

Eiffel C.
Malaysia Malaysia
Delicious when mixed with honey

I added a bit of honey and it tasted delicious. Fully recommended.

Focus Foods Daily Greens 2.0 - 1-month pack Review
Malaysia Malaysia
Great product but delivery is ridiculously slow

I love the product, drinking it everyday and I'm on monthly subscription. But the delivery is ridiculously slow, this is the 9th day after my order and I haven't receive it yet. And this is not the first time it took that long. Please change your shipping provider.

Miza M.
Malaysia Malaysia
Daily Greens 2.0 - 1 month pack

Overall quality from the first glance is excellent. The packaging comes in individual packs within a resealable pack. Taste wise I would say it is what it is - greens and versatile. It can be customised to your personal preference. I like to mix it with milk and honey, iced or hot, depending on my day. After almost a week consumption, I can see improvements in term of my digestion and skin complexion. Still, don't forget your water consumption to aid your digestion. Overall, I am happy with the product. I am looking to continue once my 1-month package is finished. Don't believe me? Try it yourself and notice the difference. The outcome varies among us. :)

Focus Foods Daily Greens 2.0 - 1-month pack Review
John L.
Malaysia Malaysia
Daily Greens 2.0

Good for skin. My skin ia getting better