Daily Supergreens

We need vege but we don't eat enought of it! Each sachet is packed with antioxidants equivalent to having 80g of supergreens. With over half a million sold, it has helped many achieve:

 - better digestion,

 - stronger immunity,

 - better skin, and

 - cleaner energy.

60 reviews


8g x 30 sachets

Real Customers Report:

Better gut health
Stronger immunity
Cleaner energy
Improved skin

Top 10 Benefits:


Evidence also shows ingredients may help with:

Improving cholesterol levels, improving blood sugar levels, reduce risk of cancer, promote bone health + many more.


Convenient Goodness

Daily sachets for daily consumption to help get into a regular habit for great results.

Western and Asiatic Ingredients

We extend our search for the best globally. Moringa and pegaga, potent Asiatic greens, are included in our greens formula not seen in other similar products.

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science

We deep dive into modern research of ingredients used for centuries to determine the best to be included.

Pure, Real Ingredients:

8 antioxidant, phytonutrient, flavonoid and polyphenol powerhouses and nothing else.*

Wheat Grass









No fillers, no preservatives, no sugar.

No fruit juice as main ingredient found in similar products, which is rid of natural fiber and adds unnecessary fructose and glucose (sugar) to an otherwise nutritious drink.

* Other ingredients:

Original: None.

Orange: Natural orange flavour, stevia.


How To Enjoy:

Stir in a glass or shake in a bottle. Just add water or your favorite beverage.

Add into a blender with your favorite smoothie recipe. Play around!

Sprinkle to your morning bowl, wraps, soups, porridge, etc.

Prefer it flavoured?

Don't like the green flavour? We got you covered. 
After extensive R&D, Daily Supergreens is now available naturally orange flavoured!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it suitable for all weight goals and diets?

At only 15kcal per serving, yes, whether you are planning to lose, gain or maintain your weight.

Suitable for the following diets:

 - Diabetic (3g carbs, low GI),

 - Gluten-free

 - Keto (0g net carbs),

 - Mediterranean,

 - Paleo (no grains, no legumes),

 - Vegan and vegetarian (100% plant based ingredients).

When should I take this?

Anytime, but preferably in the morning.

How does it taste?

Original: Unflavoured. Green but not overwhelmingly so. Users commonly mix with juice or plant-based milk (soy, etc.)

Orange: Naturally orange flavoured with added stevia.

Is this a meal replacement?

No. Daily Supergreens should be supplementary to your diet and not designed to replace entire meals.

Does it contain common allergens?

While our products are free from peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk, fish, and shellfish, it is produced in a facility that may have traces of these.

Are the ingredients organic?

Alfalfa, kale and wheat grass are organic.

Is it safe for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies?

While the product is safe for general consumption, please seek advice from your doctor before consuming Daily Supergreens if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is it suitable for kids?

Yes. Start with half a serving a day for kids of schooling age.

Is it halal?

All ingredients are halal. A halal certification for the final product is pending (i.e. in the process).


Clean, safe, professional

Non-GMO ingredients

Real Customers Say:

Daily Supergreens



8g x 30 sachets

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