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"Ultimate Keto Creamer" (powder)

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We combined the most potent fatty ingredients to power your cells and brain:

  • Coconut C8 MCT oil
  • Grass-fed butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Organic ghee

Our Ultimate Keto Creamer has zero net carbs and is unflavoured and usweetened.

What is C8 MCT oil?
MCT oil is a highly concentrated source of medium-chain triglycerides. C8, a.k.a. caprylic acid, is the shortest 'chain' of these, being able to turn into ketones, hence used as energy, the fastest.


  • mixed with coffee
  • mixed with tea
  • mixed into food as a fat bomb
  • baking

Taste: Buttery, creamy.

Other ingredients: milk protein from non-fat dairy milk, resistant maltodextrin, acacia gum.

220g per tub: 11 BIG servings of 20g (approx. 3 tablespoons). Adjust quantity to your taste preference or macro requirements. A dosage of 3 tablespoons is suitable for a tall glass of coffee.