Complete Meal

Replaced over 100,000 of lousy meals and breakfasts otherwise missed. Nutritionally complete, plant-based and tasty. 80% returning users.

126 reviews


800g (10 x 350kcal servings)

2 Minutes To A Great Meal:

Nutritionally complete
Full for hours
Premium ingredients
For all weight goals

Built To Resemble A Balanced Meal

Protein, complex carbs, good fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
Numbers below based on a 350kcal serving:


Plant-based protein


Complex carbs from over 20 sources


Plant-based fat




Vitamins & minerals


Cholesterol & added sugar

Pea protein

Oats & over 20 types of grain

Flaxseed & MCT

Barleygrass, vitamins & more

Ideal For All Goals

Whatever your goals, we got you covered:
lose weight, build muscles, balance your diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take it?

Most people use it as breakfast. Some as their post-workout. To gain weight, in between meals. To understand your needs better, please see quiz below.

What's in it exactly?

Pea protein, oats, multigrains mix (organic brown rice, organic black rice, organic millet, organic black millet, organic green millet, organic oat, organic germ, organic buckwheat, organic black buckwheat, barley, calrose rice, organic wheat grains, organic red brown rice, Japanese pearls brown rice, organic oat, oat germ, sorghum rice, organic calcium rice, glutinous rice, black glutinous rice, organic wild purple rice, rice, gorgon), MCT oil, flaxseed oil, vitamins & minerals, wheat germ, barley grass, prebiotics (inulin), non-GMO soy lecithin.

For Flavour Packs sachets: see section below

Isn't eating whole foods better?

Yes and no: yes when it's done right, no when you know it's unhealthy (which is for most people, most of the time). The Complete Meal is designed for those times when you don't have access to a proper, nutritious, healthy meal.

Nutrition facts

Is a scoop provided?

Yes. 3 scoops get you 80g/350kcal. You may apportion your serving size accordingly.

How long will this keep me full?

At least 4 hours for most people.

Why not just drink a protein shake?

Because protein is just that: protein. It's only one part of a more complete meal.

Is it suitable for all weight goals?

Yes. For suggestions on how to best consume, please see quiz below.

Does it contain common allergens?

While our products are free from peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk, fish, and shellfish, it is produced in a facility that may have traces of these. Contains: soy (soy lecithin), wheat (wheat germ). Do check against this list prior to making a decision.

Is this suitable for kids?

Yes, ages 6 years and above.

Tasty Freedom

Each 800g bag (except unsweetened & unflavoured) comes with 10 flavour sachets:

  • Unflavoured & unsweetened: the most natural, does not come with flavour sachets.

  • Original chocolate: cocoa, stevia.

  • Choc mint: nature-identical flavouring*, cocoa, stevia.

  • Bobba: nature-identical flavouring*, stevia.

  • Variety pack: all of the above.

Find the options above near the "add to cart" button!

* Nature-identical flavouring: flavours synthesized to resemble compounds present in its natural counterpart. Example: nature-identical mint flavouring is a synthesized compound that is exactly the same as the compound in a mint leaf that gives out its aroma.


Clean, safe, professional

Non-GMO ingredients

Can I Lose Weight With It?When Should I Take It?

Real Customers Say:

Complete Meal

126 reviews


800g (10 x 350kcal servings)

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